Why Muzzle Brakes are Recommended for an AR-15?

For many brakes, felt recoil reduction is part of only one goal to enhance one’s shooting experience. Another sought after ideal for many an AR-15 firearm owner is the reduction of muzzle movement in any direction. Besides, having a steady muzzle equates to a steady sight, meaning you can look forward to fast and accurate shooting.

What causes muzzle rise is just the byproduct of rearwards recoil energy. It is only when you do a recording and watch back that you get to witness noticeable differences in the up or downward muzzle movement and flash when taking a shot without having a muzzle brake attached to your firearm.

Have you ever wondered why an AR-15 shooting performance is so much better when equipped with a muzzle brake? Well, it is time to set the record straight and discover that why these attachments are more than just a cool looking tool and the reason AR buyers are going crazy over them.

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In many instances, military personnel opts for inexpensive options such as flash hiders as these are designed to assist them in hiding muzzle flash from their enemy during a firefight. The thing is that once a bad guy notices flash, they can easily take a shot at the good guys. On the other hand, if you can remain hidden, you have the advantage over them. Not only that, but flash hiders also aid them when they make use of night vision equipment as they reduce the chances of the flash temporarily interfering with the military man’s vision.

It is all fair and well. But, civilians do not have to use their rifles the same way a military person has to. They certainly are not involved in long battles with the enemy. Best of all, civilians who shoot to defend themselves only requires a couple of seconds using maybe one or two shots. Therefore, having a flash hider does not really serve their purpose the way it would for a military person.

It makes logical sense for a civilian to choose performance over style and opt for something that will give them a tactical advantage by using a simple to install product for their AR-15 that will not only boost the performance of their firearm but also look cool. Something that will raise their scores during a competition, ensure you are faster in a gunfight and aid one in beating your buddies during a friendly weekend shoot off.

Maybe it’s high time you take the approach of other serious action shooters by adding a muzzle brake or compensator to your firearm. After all, action shooting is in place to simulate self-defense situations. The primary reason winning shooters choose the madhouse muzzle brake is that they provide one with a huge advantage over fellow shooters.

Some would argue that a compensator aids the reduction of muzzle rise while brakes would lessen recoil. Both these devices can be used successfully during various circumstances whether it be on the shooting range or when in need of defending yourself.

The primary concept is pretty straightforward. Muzzle brakes redirect most of the escaping gas as it moves out of the muzzle thereby harnessing the built up energy to counteract the motion created by the recoil. It is a case of the jet forces being pushed down on the muzzle once the gas is directed upwards. In theory, some gasses would slam into a plate and push your firearm forward, which in turn reduces felt recoil. What muzzle brake designers like MadHouse Design managed to do is to combine these two actions, resulting in exceptional accuracy and little to no kickback when taking a shot.

In a lot of ways, brakes are somehow a bit more complex in that you have to come up with the right ports, sufficient holes, a solid bottom plate, and get your angle just right. In some cases, you even have to contemplate whether side ports, single ports, or multiple ports would be better to improve one’s accuracy under any circumstances. It all depends on the designer of the muzzle brake whether you would have a fair chance at the shooting range of coming out victorious during a competition. Fortunately, MadHouse Design got it just right with their latest Triple-port Muzzle Brake that happens to be precision engineered to help one achieve what others would deem impossible. For more information, visit their website

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