Another Tips And Advice

Squat with weights:

This is the most fundamental and basic jumping exercise in which your body slowly bends your knees with a straight back when you are standing. To build quad muscle volume and power, you need to go down low and then go back up slowly. Doing about hundred squats preferably with holding a weight will help you increase your jumping power. You need to make a note to mix weight training days with your plyometric/speed days.

Jumping the rope:

To improve the power and dynamism of your legs, you need to use a jumping rope for the best vertical jumping exercise.

Small exercises:

As you know that heavy squats and plyometric cannot be done all the time, it is required to keep doing smaller things each day such as playing with your quads and calves while sitting, standing on half-bent legs when you are doing any work, or walking on toe-heel style instead of flat-foot.


To get the best calf exercises that involve rising on your toes when standing upright and then going down. This exercise should be repeated at least for 50-100 times for effective results.

Avoid over walking leg muscles:

To do the best vertical jump, it is important to focus on jumping and aiming to leap as high as you can every time you jump.

Persevere and persist:

As you know there are no shortcuts for achieving the best vertical jump and results cannot be achieved overnight. You need to keep the rhythm of exercising regularly with perseverance as well as tenacity for months before actually, you can see any results.

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